Matte Lip Tint Peel Off
Matte Lip Tint Peel Off
Matte Lip Tint Peel Off

Matte Lip Tint Peel Off

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Step 1: lip membrane in accordance with lip, apply a thick layer, not painted to the lip, but must be applied uniformly ;

Step 2: Wait 8-10 minutes, let it dry, then do not touch or massage lips ;

Step 3: about 8-10 minutes later, from the outside to the lips slowly tear;

Step 4: Remove the lip membrane, finishing with a wet cotton look, apply a layer of white magic to mention lip gloss , lip will be more moist and shiny!


1.Because this is tearing lip gloss,please don't tear hard,should slowly tear lip mask.
2.If the lips are dry or people with wounds,can not use the tearing lip gloss.
3.when you lips has oil,not easy to coloring,please clean your lips before you use tearing lipgloss.
4.It also not easy to coloring if have horny,please coat more one time lip gloss,and the color will become better.
5.Because PH of everyone is different,the affect is different,please understand that.